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I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease

Hello, I’m Christina and welcome to my Crohn’s friendly kitchen.

I am a former personal chef and I have worked for many private families over the years. I've enjoyed cooking meals for clients and customizing their meals according to their diets or required dietary needs whether it was due to lifestyle choices or severe allergies.


I took that job very seriously because my clients health was in my hands and I researched ingredients up and down to make 100% certain that the meals I prepared were safe for them to eat.


Oh how the tables have turned. Little did I know that I would stand here today and I would need to use the very same resources of safe recipes I once did for my clients. I now need to make them for myself, because now I am the one standing on the restricted diet side and I have been diagnosed recently with Crohn’s disease.


I’m glad you’re here because I’m excited to share how I keep myself healthy through my diet. Please make sure to subscribe for regular videos on Crohn’s friendly recipes that are my personal favorites.

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