"Struggling to keep up with the demands of raising my three children, I found that the quality of our meals suffered at dinnertime. When Chef Wunrow was referred to me by a friend, I immediately set-up a meeting with her despite my concerns about having to manage someone and giving up a bit of privacy within my home. I couldn't  have been more pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick we both fell into a routine of having three delicious and healthy meals that she prepares for my entire family. Chef Wunrow is extremely flexible in making her services work and adapt to your lifestyle; whether it's grocery shopping, personalized meal selections for your family to enjoy, and utilizing your kitchen and tools. Chef Wunrow is a skilled, professional chef that always comes to work with a positive, upbeat attitude. Thanks to her, my mealtime schedule is more manageable and we are no longer eating processed foods for dinner. I can now relax more and enjoy our family meals together."


                                                                                                         - Ann M., Mother of 3 

"After a stressful day full of trying to balance it all, enjoying Christina's amazing dishes at the end our day around the table as a family is pure perfection. Having well planned meals ready to go truly adjusted the pace of our evenings and made our time together far more valuable. I love how she takes the time to understand us as a family and tailor the meals to our tastes! Best decision we ever made!!"


                                                                                                   - Victoria O., Mother of 2 

"Christina does an amazing job for our family! Healthy, delicious meals from scratch...and safe for our little ones with severe food allergies!"                                                                                                                                                                                             - Annie N., Working Mom 

"We love what Christina does for our family!  Excellent meals and she has made them allergy friendly for our boys!"           

                                                                                                     - Rob N., Working Dad 

"Christina’s dinners and desserts are absolutely amazing!! Christina is a wonderful person, a extraordinary chef and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to cook for the family I work for. She’s the best!"


                                                                                                              - Lori J., Nanny